Black buckle in inox and nylon for ski racing shin guards slalom
Boucle en inox avec sangle nylon pour les protection tibia de ski slalom

BOUCLE INOX ShinGuards CARBON Small (paire)

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Sometimes a blow of ski care can damage our tightening buckles.
That's why our buckles are fully removable and replaceable with a 2 mm BTR key.
This way you can continue to use your Skkil ShinGuards Carbon for a long time to come.
Our buckles are sold in pairs.
(Don't forget to add thread lock when reassembling your buckles).


Made with premium quality materials


Stainless steel buckle (anti-corrosion) of 4 mm diameter.


Loop 40 mm x 11 mm


Thick Polyester webbing for outdoor use.


Triple-pass stitching with polyester thread for outdoor use.

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SKKIL equipment is designed and researched by professional skiers who know the expectations and needs of the skiers.


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