SKKIL is a brand created by skiers for skiers, and shared with skiers.
We want our project to be fully digital, innovative and as community-based as possible. 
This is why we have created our partner program (affiliate program).

What is affiliation?

Affiliation is a program where we propose to you: ski clubs, athletes, ski instructors, to use the SKKIL project to generate funding to help you in your operation or your career.

Our partners send to their community a connection link or a promotional code to give them a discount. Partners are paid by cashback (commission) of 10% on sales generated from their link or discount code. Partners can invite other people to join the Skkil Partner Team and earn an additional 1% on the sales generated by their "partner godchildren".

Everything is then automated: the discount is directly integrated into the consumer's shopping cart, the generated sale is listed and visible live in the partner/ambassador account.

Concretely how does it work?

  1. Apply for a partner through the link below
  2. Your request is validated, you have access to your partner account with your share link and coupon code.
  3. Communicate your coupon code / link to your community
  4. Earn commissions on generated sales
  5. Request a transfer of your commissions to your PayPal account

Click here to become a SKKIL PARTNER