Ski pole spare part | STORM 18 SL
Ski pole spare part | STORM 18 SL
Ski pole spare part | STORM 18 SL
Ski pole spare part | STORM 18 SL
Ski pole spare part | STORM 18 SL
Ski pole spare part | STORM 18 SL

Ski pole spare part | STORM 18 SL

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Did you break a stick? You can't use it anymore? And if you could buy only one stick! 

At SKKIL we offer you to buy a single stick so that you can rebuild your pair.

  • DESIGN: sleek and clean design.
  • WEIGHT: 255g for a 120 cm stick.
  • DIAMETER: 18 mm
  • ZICRAL: 7075 T6 ALUMINIUM. It has a strength comparable to many steels. Additional T6 heat treatment for structural hardening. Tube thickness 1 mm. 
  • GRIP: 100% elastomer handle made to measure for slalom practice. Support on the lower part for optimal support during impacts with the poles.
  • BASKET: Flat basket made to measure for the needs of competition, extremely robust material, very resistant to abrasion, ideal shape, diameter 40 mm.
  • POINT: Robust PolyAmide point, resistant even at very low temperatures. Extremely strong tungsten tip.
  • STRAP: Polyester strap with metal buckle and velcro fastening.
  • CURVE: Straight shaft without curvature.

To find your slalom pole size, simply refer to the size chart below.

Skier's height (cm)

Pole size (cm)

+ 190 cm 130
185 à 190 cm 127,5
180 à 185 cm 125
175 à 180 cm 122,5
170 à 175 cm 120
165 à 170 cm 117,5
160 à 165 cm 115
155 à 160 cm 112,5
150 à 155 cm 110
145 à 150 cm 107,5
140 à 145 cm 105
135 à 140 cm  102,5
130 à 135 cm 100
125 à 130 cm  97,5
120 à 125 cm 95
115 à 120 cm 92,5
110 à 115 cm 90
105 à 110 cm 87,5
100 à 105 cm  85
95 à 100 cm 82,5

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