• DESIGN: sleek and stylish design
  • WEIGHT: 255g for a 120 cm stick
  • DIAMETER: 18 mm
  • ZICRAL: 7075 T6 ALUMINIUM. It has a strength comparable to many steels. Additional T6 heat treatment for structural hardening. Tube thickness 1 mm. 
  • CURVATURE: Sticks with three curves to facilitate the position of speed search at wrists, hips and elbows.
  • GRIP: Bi-component PolyPropylene/Elastomer handle. Perfect balance between strength and comfort. Adapted to the practice of the giant.
  • WASHER: Conical washer made to measure for the needs of competition, extremely robust material, very resistant to abrasion, ideal shape, diameter 35 mm
  • POINT: Robust PolyAmide point, resistant even at very low temperatures. Extremely strong tungsten tip
  • STRAP: Polyester strap with metal buckle and velcro fastening